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online review siteOnline reviews can be a lifeline to your business; just as they could be crippling agents to your business. Remember, having pages of blooming online reviews could be a gateway for new customers, while even just one bad review has the potential to drive away potential customers.

Advancement in technology has now made the internet an indispensable tool for marketers to advertise, promote and sell their products. Online reviews, have, thus come to stay as a means of making use of the internet in this regard.

But how do you, as a marketer, successfully operate an online review site to promote the growth of your business? This is essential considering that today’s end user (customer) is extremely vigilant and apprehensive when making a purchase.

This explains why they resort to online reviews to help them make informed decisions after weighing the pros and cons of products and services put up for sale.

Your role as a marketer/business owner would be to manage the review site in the most ethical and legitimate way such as would not cause your business to dwindle but to flourish. Handling things the right way will help in turning unpleasant situations into positive reviews.  We’ve been impressed by the customer-focused service rendered at the binoculars review site.

So what do you do as a marketer when unpleasant online reviews trickle in? Let’s take a look at how to ethically deal with bad or unpleasant online reviews:

  • Answer with Diplomacy

Never attempt to blame or rain insults on your customers because of negative reviews. It is important that you avoid getting into argument; you don’t need to be sarcastic or defensive in answering. Doing so will only cause potential customers to side with the dissatisfied customer.

What you should do in answering is to express how sorry you are for the bad experience the customer has encountered in using your product or service. Let them know their concerns are of high priority to you, and that you are ever committed to addressing problems promptly and efficiently to make them satisfied.

Doing things diplomatically will finally make you win the empathy of potential customers. What’s more, this will subsequently mitigate the damaging effect of the negative online review.

  • The Strategy of not Responding at all

This strategy has been adopted by quite a number of businesses which are not ready to attempt answering critics. In this case, business owners avoid taking chances; they are aware trying to provide answers to unpleasant online reviews could be a tricky venture.

Though they might want to be diplomatic about it, they do not attempt doing so for the fear of getting off-track eventually, and getting into the bad books of customers. Well, opting not to respond at all is not an awful approach; you could just let the reviews stand as they are.

  • Using Bad Reviews as Pointers to What Has Escaped Your Attention

Reading through bad reviews could help you realise issues you are unaware of. This will help you be on your toes in addressing what has escaped you all that while. It is interesting how customers who have posted bad reviews will later on post good reviews upon realising that issues raised have been professionally attended to.

This is something that happens naturally; positive reviews will follow positive change and future customers will be more confident to patronise your products and services.

  • Asking for Reviews

This is a proactive step towards consciously building a strong base of good reviews. Doing this is essential in preventing future surprises where your review site gets flooded with unpleasant reviews. Failing to ask for reviews from silent but happy customers may only give you few positive reviews, causing the bad ones to overshadow the good ones.

A common way to ask for reviews is through email follow up. Even beyond requesting for reviews, it affords you a means of getting the following across to customers: sales information, events, newsletters, announcements and blog posts.

  • Don’t Resort to Suing

Last but not least, online marketers are not advised to sue reviewers; this constitutes an extreme reaction from business owners. You may end up with expensive repercussions.

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